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PG Corner

Welcome to P.G corner, AoCH.

This is a sincere attempt of the editorial team to help our postgraduates in a small way. We look to update this page alternate day on trial basis till May 31, 2014 and post material which might be of help to Community Medicine Postgraduates.

This page will include approach to answers, highlight important points, provide general guidelines based on your feedback.

Section Editors: Dr Sathish Chandra, Dr Gagan S


Few Points


Bhagyalakshmi Scheme (24/04/2014)
GIST of Budget 2013-14 for Health (24/04/2014)
Climate change and health (24/04/2014)
HPV Vaccine (20/04/2014)
Types of ORS (11/04/2014)

Topic Update

Indian Public Health Standards Sub Centre, PHC, CHC, Sub - District/Divisional Hospital, District Hospital (24/04/2014)
Guidelines for the screening, care and treatment of persons with hepatitis C infection (19/04/2014)
Biomedical Waste Management (08/04/2014)

Approach to Topics

Polio Endgame strategy (20/04/2014)
Optional Vaccines (16/04/2014)
Preventive Geriatrics (13/04/2014)
Tribal Health (13/04/2014)
Malaria Vaccines (10/04/2014)
Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (10/04/2014)
Integrated Vector Management (7/04/2014)
Consumer Protection Act (7/04/2014)
Operational Research (5/04/2014)
Nutritional Rehailitation (3/04/2014)
HIV Sentinel Surviellence (1/04/2014) More Info (3/04/2014)
Travel Medicine (30/04/2014)
Drug Dependence (28/03/2014)

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