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RGUHS 2013 November Question paper

Paper 1:

1. Describe the use of chi-square test in health research with suitable examples.
2. Discuss the role of cultural factors in health and disease.
3. Types of bias in case control studies.
4. Components of communication process.
5. Medical revolution.
6. Bacteriological surveillance of drinking water quality.
7. Human poverty index.
8.Biological transmission of arthropod borne diseases.

Paper 2:

1. Describe the nutritional factors in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases with suitable examples.
2. Critically review the strategies of poliomyelitis eradication in India.
3. Hospital acquired infection.
4. Vision 2020.
5. Cancer registries.
6. Epidemic dropsy.
7. Short term health effects of major disasters.
8. Occupational health in India.

Paper 3:

1. Describe briefly about the MTP act (1971,amended at 2002 & rules 2003).
2. Demographic trends in India. Also discuss the National population policy 2000 for population stabilisation.
3. Relevance and impact of population genetics.
4. Life skill education for adolescents.
5. Community based mental health programme.
6. Intervention strategies for juvenile delinquency.
7. Health problems of past menopausal women.
8. Causes and prevention of perinatal mortality.

Paper 4:

1. Discuss in detail national policy for older persons (1999).
2. What are your recommendations as a health advisory board member for water and waste management in urban areas?
3. Millennium development goals in the context of communicable diseases.
4. Micro teaching.
5. Sample registration system.
6. Indian red cross society.
7. Principles of management.
8. Citizens charter.

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