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RGUHS 2009 October Question paper

Paper 1:

1. Discuss Social determinants of health and its relevance to improve community health.
2. Describe qualitative Research methods and their application for program evaluation.
3. Education diagnosis.
4. Vector resistance and refractory behaviour.
5. Soakage Pit for environmental health.
6. IEC usage for disease control in a fair or festival.
7. Discuss measures to control reservoir of infection with suitable examples.
8. Cyclical and Secular trends.

Paper 2:

1. What is Nutritional Rehabilitation? How will you organize Nutritional Rehabilitation for a community having a large number of severely malnourished children?
2. Discuss the studies and findings of a large scale com munity - based cardiovascular risk factors intervention trail.
3. Urban Malaria control.
4. Occupational health measures in Dye-stuff industries.
5. Eradication of polio public health challenge - discuss.
6. Epidemiology of multi drug resistance (MDR) tuberculosis.
7. Are we close to Leprosy Eradication?
8. Effects of stress on health and its management in life.

Paper 3:

1. Discuss the scientific basis for the various methods recommended for Growth Monitoring of children.
2. Discuss the challenges in the health care delivery to the adolescents.
3. Primary Mental Health care.
4. Providing Essential Newborn care in the community.
5. Gender issues and women health.
6. The role of First referral unit to ensure safe motherhood.
7. Factors contributing to underutilization of health services by women.
8. Social security measures for old age.

Paper 4:

1. Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare" - Discuss from a Health Legislation perspective.
2. Describe and discuss the problems and challengers faced in the delivery of Primary Health Care in India.
3. Role of UNICEF in adolescent health.
4. Managerial methods to avoid square pegs in round holes, illustrate with examples.
5. Ayurveda - its role in Primary Health Care.
6. Ensuring Sanitation Barrier in Town Planning.
7. Health insurance in India.
8. Lesions leant from WHO's Small Pox Eradication Programme.

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