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RGUHS 2009 May Question paper

Paper 1:

1. Discuss challengers in zoonotic disease control.
2. How will you plan for an health education programme in the community to reduce smoking.
3. Sanitation Barrier
4. Role of co-efficient correlation in health research, illustrate with suitable examples
5. Anti-larval measures for control of Dengue
6. Poverty line
7. Framingham study
8. Concept of sentinel surveillance and its functioning in India

Paper 2:

1. Give a brief outline of the ESI Scheme. Critically appraise the scheme and suggest ways to improve it.
2. What are the salient features of the National Anaemia Control Programme? How will you monitor and evaluate this program in the district where you are the officer in charge?
3. Surveillance of vector borne diseases.
4. Community participation in Diarrhoeal disease control programme.
7. Occupational health for deep sea divers.
8. Critically discuss: Is it time for switching over to IPV for polio eradication in India?

Paper 3:

1. What are the threats to child survival in India? Discuss the programme & measures directed to ensure child survival in India.
2. Which are the factors which influence fertility in the community? What measures you would initiate in a district having high fertility?
3. Gene therapy and future medical practice.
4. Community based Rehabilitation in Stroke.
5. Suicide - ApubJic health problem.
6. Community participation in Mother & Child health.
7. Integrated management of a sick child.
8. Client centered approach to Family Planning.

Paper 4:

1. What systematic steps you would take to identify, plan and implement a Community Health Program for a defined population group? How will you know you have achieved the objectives of the program?
2. Describe and discuss the salient features of the National Rural Health Mission.
3. Dual Registration System.
4. Standards for Rural Housing and its health implications.
5. Advantages of Voluntary Health Sector over the Government sector.
6. WHO's contribution to disease eradication.
7. Draw an Organogram of a PHC and discuss it from a health management perspective.
8. Rational for use of Appropriate Tethnology for Primary Health Care, illustrate with suitable example.

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