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RGUHS 2008 October Question paper

Paper 1:

1. What is Experimental Epidemiology? Describe in detail steps in Randomized Controlled Trails.
2. Describe Appropriate Technologies for Rural Sanitation in India.
3. Suicides - A Public Health Problem.
4. Vaccine Efficacy and Effectiveness.
5. Holistic Health Development.
6. Vector resistance and Refractory Behaviour.
7. Morbidity indicators.
8. Laboratory diagnosis of dengue fever.

Paper 2:

1. Critically analyse the problems in control of tuberculosis inspite of availability of effective drugs in our country.
2. Describe the lead poisoning as an occupational hazard and discuss its control m easure in detail.
3. Trace elements in nutrition.
4. Food adulterants.
5. Pneumoconiosis.
6. Elimination o f neonatal tetanus.
7. AFP (Acute flaccid paralysis) survey.
8. Sensitivity and specificity o f a screening test.

Paper 3:

1. Mention the special features of (RCH) Reproductive and Child Health Programme and describe in detail components of RCH Programme.
2. Health of Elderly - A Public Health Challenge in 21st Century. Discuss.
3. Population Migration and Urban Health.
4. Gender issues and W om en's Health.
5. Travel Medicine - significance in Modern World.
6. Net Reproduction Rate.
7. Social Rehabilitation of AIDS Orphans.
8. Floods - A Public Health Emergency.

Paper 4:

1. Describe Effects of Stress on health. Discuss the m ethods to manage stress in life
2. Discuss concepts of Health Management. Describe principles of management methods and techniques useful for health management.
3. Elements in Evaluation of health services
4. Work of WHO.
5. Human Genome Project.
6. Health Insurance in India.
7. National Rural Health Mission.
8. Health administrative set up at district level.

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