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RGUHS 2007 May Question paper

Paper 1:

1. What is human ecology? How ecological approach may be helpful in control of malaria.
2. How you will design a research study to test a new antimalarial drug.
3. IEC in National Cancer Control programme.
4. Voluntary counseling and testing center.
5. Time trend analysis.
6. Social diagnosis.
7. Cluster sampling.
8. Null hypothesis and its application.

Paper 2:

1. Describe the candidate disease for elimination from our country. Analyze in detail the epidemiological movements against poliomyelitis.
2. Explain the epidemiological indicators for rural health. Discuss the prevention and control of diarrhoeal disease in rural areas.
3. 24 hour recall method in diet surveys.
4. Life style factors in oral cancer.
5. Epidemiologic assessment preceding national mass interventions.
6. Sensitivity and specificity issues in HIV screening.
7. Assessment tools in pulmonary epidemiology.
8. Occupational hazards in health care workers.

Paper 3:

1. Describe the logistic issues o f emergency obstetric surgery in rural health care. Explain the role of first referral units in em ergency obstetrics.
2. Describe the medico-social conflict in family planning. Defend the medical alternatives to economic development in the motivation for F.P. adoption.
3. Prevention of coronary risk factors.
4. Baby friendly hospital.
5. Disaster preparedness and management of anthrax outbreaks.
6. Tribal malaria.
7. School sanitation.
8. Investigation of a food poisoning outbreak.

Paper 4:

1. Discuss the problem of mental health in India, Describe the components of a sound mental health programme
2. Discuss the need, importance and performance of national health programmes in controlling communicable diseases in India. Suggest alternative strategies, if any, to achieve the goals in the ongoing programmes.
3. Health Care Waste Management.
4. Powers of food inspector under prevention of Food Adulteration Act.
5. Role of Medico-Social worker in a hospital.
6. "Out reach" clinics.
7. Network in planning.
8. Gene therapy.

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