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RGUHS 2006 May Question paper

Paper 1:

1. What is social stratification? Explain with examples. Various characteristics used for socialstratification. Describe the use of social stratification in health and disease.
2. Describe natural history of disease with an example to explain the various interventions in its natural history.
3. Write about social marketing with examples.
4. Enumerate statistical tests of significance. How they are useful in research methodology?
5. Role of audio-visual aids in communication.
6. Write about integrated approach for vector control with examples.
7. Describe the life cycle of mosquitoes and mention the diseases transmitted by them.
8. Indices of thermal comfort.

Paper 2:

1. Describe the role of topography of the region, irrigation, and urbanization in the spread of malaria. Write salient features of anti-malaria programme.
2. Mention the burden of blindness in India. Discuss the strategies to control preventable blindness.
3. Write briefly on monitoring of nutritional status at national level.
4. Write briefly on u sefulness of growth charts.
5. Write briefly on sickness benefit and extended sickness benefit underemployees state insurance act.
6. Write briefly on leprosy elimination campaigns.
7. Write briefly about family health awareness camps for control of HIV - AIDS.
8. Write briefly on pre -placement and periodical examination of factory workers.

Paper 3:

1. Discuss the strategies under the reproductive and child health (RCH) programme. Critically comment about its merits and demerits.
2. What are the health & social problems associated with old age? Discuss the role of voluntary organizations providing geriatric services.
3. Fertility indices.
4. Community based rehabilitation.
5. Integrated management of childhood illness.
6. Disaster preparedness.
7. Growth monitoring.
8. Child vaccine Initiative.

Paper 4:

1. Where is Almaa-Ata? Critically analyze and discuss the present position of 'Health for all goals by 2000 AD' set at Alma Ata declaration.
2. The medical officer of a Primary Health Centre is not only a curative person, but a health team manager - Justify and discuss the essence of the statement.
3. Eugenics.
4. Elements of Primary Health Care.
5. Anganwadi worker.
6. Consumer protection act and health personnel.
7. Roie of voluntary health organizations in leprosy elimination.
8. Internatlona! health regulations.

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