Annals of Community Health (ISSN 2347-5455, eISSN 2347-5714), Peer Reviewed, Indexed Journal focusing exclusively on Community Medicine and Public Health

Vol 2, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents

Review Article

Maternity Waiting Home – A light of hope for pregnant women in tribal areas? PDF
Sandeep Kumar Panigrahi, Asutosh Padhi 2-3


Cardiovascular Diseases among the Elderly in India… Are we sitting on a Hidden Landmine? PDF
Pretesh R Kiran 1

Original Research Article

Association between Smoking and Body Mass Index among Males Aged 20 Years and Above - A Study in Rural Tamil Nadu, South India PDF
Anil C Mathew, Royce Kurian, K M Akshaya, S Karthikeyan, Thomas V Chacko 4-9
Health Awareness & Practices among Geriatrics in Reference to NonCommunicable Diseases in Dehradun District PDF
Pradeep Aggarwal, Rakesh Kakkar, S D Kandapal, Deepak Goel, Sushil Bansal 10-14
Prevalence of Obesity and its Associated Factors among Elderly in a Rural Area of South Karnataka PDF
GK Ratnaprabha, NF Farah, A Twinkle, JT Naveen, BX Ashit 15-21


How to Perform Data Analysis Using the Free Software EZR. Part 1: Single Continuous Dependent Variable PDF Supplement: Figures Sample Fictitious Data
Liaquat Roopesh Johnson, Usha Devi Karunakaran 22-25

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