Mental health screening among police employees: using SRQ 20

Umesh G Kawalkar, Prashant L. Dahire, Ashvinkumar G Hake, Mohini S. Jogdand, Vinod L. Vedpathak, Ajit S. Nagaonkar


Aim:  To screen mental health among Police employees using SRQ

Material and Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted among police employees. Data was collected anonymously only on the SRQ questionnaire in given format and other details of information regarding police employees were not asked to avoid social desirable bias.

Result:  In present study 23 (27.38%) of participants gave positive response to > 6 questions. Maximum participants showed positive response to question that they are “Unable to play a useful part in life” i.e. 32 (38.10%).

Conclusion: For early detection of mental disorder regular screening and periodical compulsory health examination among the police personnel is necessary.

Keywords: Mental health Screening, SRQ20

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