Acceptance, Anxiety, and Apprehension amidst Health Care Workers Regarding Coronavirus Disease-19 Vaccination in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

N Nisha, Mubeen Taj


Background: Due to the severity of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, vaccines were developed speedily and approved for administration. There were sections of the society, including doctors and other health workers who were hesitant about the efficacy and side effects of the vaccines in the absence of enough studies. In India, vaccination process was started with priority for health workers, but the response was not 100%. Materials and Methods: The study was done on 197 frontline health workers to assess their anxiety and understand their apprehension regarding the vaccine. The study was done on the last three days of the 1st working week after the vaccination started. The study was done assuring the participants total confidentiality using a survey questionnaire. Results: Of the 200 persons approached, three refused to participate. The study showed that there was reluctance amidst doctors to take the vaccine in the initial days. The results are analyzed and discussed. Interpretation: The survey showed that there was hesitation amidst doctors and nurses regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. Major cause of concern was non-availability of scientific studies on vaccination, its efficacy, and side effects. Anxiety was present among those who were not in favor of the vaccination. As the study was done in the 1st week of vaccination, attitude changes need to be studied after 4 weeks when the booster will be given to those willing to be vaccinated.

Key words: Coronavirus disease-19 vaccination anxiety in medical profession, state anxiety, vaccination anxiety, vaccination refusal

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