Inter-State Disparities and Correlation of Health Indicators of Major States in India

Amrita Sarkar, Meet M Chauhan, Trusha Kansagara, K A Varghese


Background: While the nation is striving for the novel goal of “Health for All,” it is meaningful to assess the disparities in state level indicators related to demography, nutrition, immunization, and family planning along with related socio-economic indicators. This study aims to assess the disparities of health-related indicators across major states, to classify major states based on composite indices, and to assess magnitude and direction of correlation of health-related indicators in relation to health-related indicators across states in India using published data by government sources. Methodology: The quantitative techniques included estimation of interstate coefficient of variation (CV) of indicators, calculation of state wise composite indices, and estimation of correlation coefficients between socio-economic and health-related indicators. The indicators with low and high inter-state CV values identified and the states classified according to composite indices. Results: Kerala was the best performing state and Madhya Pradesh the least performing state based on 33 health-related indicators. The negative association of crude birth rate, infant mortality rate, crude death rate, and total fertility rate with female literacy reveals the importance of female literacy to combat death rates and birth rates in India. Share of below poverty line (BPL) population has also crucial role in deciding the direction and magnitude of health indicators. Conclusion: It is revealed that the health development is closely associated with demographic pattern and socio-economic development. Improvement in female literacy and reduction in BPL population together would push up most of it health indicators of different states.

Key words: Disparities, correlation, composite indices, Indian states

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