Health Care Seeking Behavior of Postmenopausal Women Residing in Urban Slum

Vijayalaxmi Mangasuli, Mayur S Sherkhane


Introduction: Menopausal symptoms vary in severity and may decrease health related quality of life, because majority still do not take treatment for these symptoms as most Indian women have a history of self-denial and neglect. In view of increasing burden, this study was done to assess the pattern of health-care seeking behavior among postmenopausal women. Methodology: A community-based, cross-sectional study was conducted among 334 postmenopausal women (45–60 years) residing in urban slums. Menopause rating scale (MRS) was used to assess the postmenopausal symptoms and pre-designed, pre-tested pro forma was used for collecting data regarding health-care seeking behavior. General physical examination was carried out and anthropometric measurements were recorded. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Chi-square test was used to find the association between two attributes. Results: Of the 334 women, majority 34.73% were in the age group of 45–49 years. About 69.76% had mild symptoms, 23.95% moderate symptoms, and only 2.1% had suffered from severe symptoms as per MRS. About 85.93% women had received treatment, but only 71.43% were satisfied about the treatment they received. One hundred and ninety-four (69.29%) women who had mild symptoms had received the healthcare treatment compared to 79 (28.21%) women who had moderate symptoms (χ2 = 87.134, df = 3, P < 0.001). Health-care facilities were maximum utilized by 90.91% women who were employed, 89.55% of widows, 88.17% of women belonging to three generation family and 97.67% of Class II SESwomen. Conclusion: There was high prevalence of mild symptoms than moderate and severe. About 85.93% women had taken treatment and only 71.43% were satisfied about the treatment they received. Behavior change communication is required among postmenopausal women for seeking healthcare. Components related to specific health needs of postmenopausal women should be incorporated in the National Health Mission.

Key words: Behavior, healthcare, postmenopause

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