A Cross-sectional Study on Coronavirus Disease-19 Deaths without any Known Comorbidities in Tamil Nadu, 2020

V. Vijay Anand, G. Arunkumar Yogaraj, P Priya Raj



 Introduction: The coronavirus disease (COVID)-19 has turned out to be a pandemic* posing a great burden to humanity and involving all seven continents. Understanding the factors involved in COVID-19 deaths* without underlying comorbidities are essential to know about the trend and to contain the spread of the disease. Methodology: The data were taken from www.stopcorona.tn.gov.in (official COVID-19 website of the state) which is a publicly available secondary data source. The details of the deaths without any underlying comorbidity were extracted from the daily media bulletin till October 2020. The results were expressed as proportion, mean, median, and standard deviation. Fisher’s exact test and Mann–Whitney U*-test were used and P < 0.005 was considered statistically significant. Results: Among the 912 COVID-19 deaths without any underlying comorbidities, 78% were male and 61.9% were above 50 years of age. The median time interval between symptom onset and admission, between admission and death was 4 days and 3 days, respectively. Other than the respiratory and cardiac causes of death, sepsis and thromboembolic causes amount to 6.2% and 4.5%, respectively. Nearly 46.2% had a combination of fever, cough, and breathing difficulty symptoms. About 77.6% of COVID-19 deaths occurred because of delayed presentation to the hospital. Male gender and the symptomatic patients had a greater time interval between hospital admission and death (P < 0.05). Conclusion: The study will help in future anticipation of deaths without comorbidities*, take appropriate actions, reduce the pressure on the health system, and future researches. A systematic well-coordinated public health* actions are essential to control this pandemic.

Key words: COVID-19 deaths, Mann–Whitney U, *pandemic, public health, without comorbidities

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