Relationship between Self-reported Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties with Depression, Anxiety, and Stress among Pre-University College Students

. Amogha Shree, Praveen Kulkarni, M R Narayanamurthy


 Background: During the phase of growth and development, individuals experience changes in their thoughts and emotions which manifest as behavioral disorders. Many research has shown that majority of adults who suffer mental disorders indicate that their symptoms began in childhood and adolescence. If these symptoms are tackled earlier, the adolescent students are able to emerge as healthy adult citizens of the nation. With this context, this study was conducted to estimate the prevalence of self-reported emotional and behavioral difficulties, depression, anxiety, and stress and also to find out the relationship between them among pre-university college (PUC) students of Mysuru, Karnataka. Methods: A community-based cross-sectional study done for a period of 3 months. All the students who were studying in the 1st and 2nd year PUC were included in the study. Data related to sociodemographic profile, depression, anxiety, and stress were collected through preformed pre-tested questionnaire, strengths, and difficulties questionnaire and depression anxiety stress scale-21 questionnaire. Results were expressed as relevant and statistically significant association was considered at P < 0.05. Results: Among 218 study participants, 55% were aged 17 years and majority were male (90.8%). The prevalence of self-reported emotional and behavioral difficulties was 33%. Depression was noted among 76% of the study participants, anxiety, and stress among 52.8% and 40%, respectively. Even though there is no significance noted between self-reported emotional and behavioral difficulties with depression, anxiety, and stress, it was observed that 68.3% who had depression, 72.2% who had anxiety, and 70.8% who had stress also had emotional and behavioral symptoms.

Key words: Anxiety, depression, emotional, and behavioral difficulties, stress

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