High-resolution Computed Tomography Screening Policy among Test Negative Symptomatic in Ahmedabad – A Covid-19 Policy Perspective

Solanki Bhavin, Sheth Jay, Patel Sanket, Patel Dhiren


 Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RTPCR) is a gold standard test for coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19). Rapid antigen test (RAT) can give quick results for COVID-19. However, both these tests have low sensitivity, leading to high number of false negative, which may facilitate the spread of pandemic. With standardization and objective computed tomography (CT) findings, the CT scan has emerged as a very credible tool to catch the suspected cases who were left out otherwise due to limitations of RTPCR and RAT. High-resolution CT (HRCT) screening among test negative symptomatic individuals has been adopted and implemented by the health department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. This is a unique strategy and has given successful results. Here, we discuss the scientific rational behind the administrative approach of implementing this policy which has helped in saving many precious lives and helped in effective control of the pandemic in the city. Our purpose of documenting this is to take learning lessons from the policy so that it can be applied in a similar setting at other places, if needed.

Key words: Covid19, HRCT, screening

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