Background: Body image is an important adolescent issue having bearing on their self-esteem and nutritional status. Both underweight and overweight are prevalent in India coupled with inappropriate dietary behavior such as higher consumption of junk food

T M Momin, S P Andurkar, J V Dixit, Mohammad S Ghodke, Kailash Kagne


 Background: COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020. It is a viral disease caused by novel coronavirus, affecting the respiratory tract. Majority of individuals infected remain asymptomatic, in children its around 79%. MoHFW testing criteria do not recommend testing an asymptomatic individual unless they have a positive contact history. As per newspaper articles dated September 12, 2020, ICMR serosurvey data suggest that India has missed 80 positive cases for every patient that was detected positive. Hence, even if an individual does not report with symptoms or a contact history, there is a chance that they may still be infected. This study aims at finding the seroprevalence in children in a city. Methodology: By cluster sampling method, 210 children were selected. A trained team, containing doctors, phlebotomist, laboratory assistant, ASHA workers, and medicosocial workers visited household to household in selected cluster. Written informed consent was taken from parents and the participants were interviewed, real-time Google Forms was filled. The blood samples were drawn and sent to the laboratory on the same day. Results: Overall seroprevalence was 8.6%. Highest seroprevalence was seen in 17 years of age. In slums, it was 14.5%, in non-slums, 5.7%. None of the children who were seropositive had a contact history or history of infection. Interpretation: Despite closing of schools and colleges, seroprevalence of 8.6% indicates community transmission. Furthermore, slums having higher seroprevalence than non-slum areas indicate a role of overcrowding and environmental conditions in spread of the infection.

Key words: Serosurvey, children, seropositive, seropositivity, urban

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