Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic: Scenario of Myths and Facts

Shruti Kardalkar, Mayur S Sherkhane


Background: In the present era of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, identification of the level of epidemic awareness, preparedness, and understanding of the disease by general population is required to support the health-care system effectively and help in combating the disease. Objective: The objective of the study was to assess the awareness regarding the myths and facts of COVID-19 among the general adult graduates population. Methodology: A web-based online cross-sectional study was conducted among adults who were graduates from general population. An online pre-designed and pre-tested questionnaire was developed using Google Forms, with a consent form attached to it for voluntary participation, through which data were collected and the distributions of responses were presented as frequencies and percentages and Chi-square/qualitative test was applied. Results: A total of 223 adults took part in the study of which 60.08% were in the age group of 25–34 years, 55.61% were male and 59.64% were Hindus. A majority of them were married and had completed graduation degree. As per the Likert scale scoring, 15.25% had poor knowledge, 54.26% average knowledge, and 68 (30.49%) had good knowledge. Significant associations were observed with younger age (P = 0.000051), study participants who were married (P < 0.00001), and study participants who were residing in joint and three-generation families (P < 0.00001) had better knowledge regarding the myths and facts of COVID-19. Conclusion: So far, there have been numerous studies on the epidemiology, causes, and clinical features of COVID-19, but relatively limited work has been done on the myths and facts awareness among the general population. The knowledge about myths and facts of COVID-19 was average based on Likert scale among majority study participants which calls for a need of action through health education programs to encourage positive attitude and sustaining safe practices during the light of pandemic.

Key words: Awareness, coronavirus disease, health care, myths and facts, pandemic

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