The Determinants of Utilizing Primary Health-care Facilities from Community Clinic in Rural Bangladesh

Nure Alam Siddiqi, Abdul Muyeed, Abdul Goni, Nuruzzaman Haque


 Background: Community clinic is considered as the vital source of primary health care in Bangladesh. In this study, attempts have been made to identify and evaluate the factors that are associated with the utilizing of primary health-care facilities from community clinics among the rural population of Bangladesh. Materials and Methods: Data have been collected from persons living in rural areas of Haripur Upazila under Thakurgaon district, Bangladesh. The Chi-square test and binary logistic regression technique were used to find out the significant factors associated with utilizing primary health-care facilities from community clinic. Results: The findings of this study showed that 51% of respondents of the study areas were found utilizing primary health-care facilities from the nearest community clinic. Age, education, marital status, occupation of the respondent, monthly family income, distance from the nearest community clinic, number of family members, occupation, and literacy status of the family head have been found as the important determinants of utilizing primary health-care facilities from the community clinic. The result of the study also revealed that less educated and low-income category peoples more utilized the community clinic services than the educated and higher income category peoples. Conclusion: The success of a community clinic depends on community participation so the active participation of people of all classes and professions in the rural area must be ensured in the management of community clinics. Engagement of staffs with required skills should be ensured in community clinics to provide essential primary health-care services.

Key words: Community clinic, Primary health-care service, Rural Bangladesh

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