An Epidemiological Study on Prevalence of Hypertension and its Associated Risk Factors among Adolescent School Children of Udaipur City of Rajasthan

. Rupesh Kumar, Maitri R Hathi


 Background: Hypertension is the disease which is very less diagnosed and treated but its actual prevalence is high. Thus, regular screening of the adolescent students is required to prevent emergency of complications in future due to hypertension. Aim: This study aims to study the prevalence of hypertension among adolescent students and to find out its associated risk factors. Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted in 5 schools of rural area of Udaipur city involving students of standard 8th–12th. Results: The present study was carried out on 750 total students of standard 8th–12th, out of which 89% were normotensive and 11% were hypertensive. The highest prevalence of hypertension was found in the age group of 16–19 years (11.30%). Family history of hypertension and diabetes mellitus found to be significantly associated with the prevalence of hypertension (P < 0.01). Habits of not doing physical activity regular, taking extra salt in every meal, eating non-vegetarian food found significant risk factors to cause hypertension. While habit of smoking and tobacco chewing did not associated significantly with hypertensive cases. Conclusion: Early detection of hypertension and lifestyle modification among adolescents will be helpful in reducing the burden of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases risk among them. In childhood only, if parents and child himself take care of healthy diet, be physically active then the future risk of many diseases could be avoided.

Key words: Adolescents, hypertension, prevalence, risk factors, Udaipur

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