Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices about Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) among Undergraduate Medical and Engineering Students of a Private College in Telangana, India

Manoj Patruni, K Shridevi, Y Suvarna Reddy, Sanagavarapu Venkata Sai Moudgalya


Introduction: In the world, as of date on November 11, 2020, total numbers of cases were 51,979,281 and deaths were 1,282,433 with case fatality rate of 2.47% and in our institute, till now, around 600 confirmed COVID-19 cases were identified and were treated successfully and the cases are in increasing trend. Medical students will have close contact with the affected people, hence, understanding their knowledge is important. Objectives: The objectives of the study were to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practices of medical and engineering undergraduate students about COVID-19 infection in Telangana. Methods: A cross-sectional study was carried out among 513 students (263 medical students of RVM Institute of Medical Sciences and 250 engineering students of CMR Institute of Technology) during the period of September–October 2020. Results: About 90.06% of students knew about transmission of corona infection, while 85.77% of the respondents knew correctly the symptoms of COVID-19 and 71.54% knew correctly about the prevention of COVID-19 infection. About 65.89% agree that supportive treatment is the only treatment measure. There was no significant difference in knowledge between medical and engineering students but medical students have significantly better attitude and practices to prevent corona infection. Conclusion: Majority 90.06%, 85.77%, and 71.54% of students knew correctly about transmission, symptoms, and prevention of corona infection, respectively. About 69.4% of students had positive attitude about lockdown and 50.3% of the students had correct preventive practices.

Key words: COVID-19, Engineering student, knowledge, medical student

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