Study of Lifestyle Disease Risk Factors among High School Students in Tirupati: A Base Line Study for Intervention

G Visweswara Rao, C V Monika


Background: In the era of rapid epidemiological transition, alike the global scenario, in India, proportional burden of lifestyle diseases is gradually overtaking the infectious diseases. The objectives of the present study were to estimate the prevalence of lifestyle disease risk factors among high school students and to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding lifestyle disease risk factors among high school students. Materials and Methods: The present study is a school-based cross-sectional study conducted among high schools of Tirupati for 2 months. Eight hundred high school students were included in the study. Information was collected through a pre-tested semi-structured questionnaire. Information collected was sociodemographic information and lifestyle disease related knowledge was assessed. WHO weight for height standard charts was used to assess their weight for height. Number and percentages were calculated for qualitative data. Mean and standard deviations were calculated for quantitative data. Results: There were total 884 students included in the study. Among them 142 (16.06%) were overweight and obese. Private school students (19.4%) were more overweight and obese compared to government school students. Lifestyle diseases are runs in the families. Stress during exams is important risk for lifestyle diseases. Conclusion: As age increases the prevalence of overweight and obesity is also increased. Overweight and obese students were more in private schools. Those students with family history of lifestyle disease were more obese and overweight. Those students who experience stress during exams were more obese and overweight.

Key words: High school students, lifestyle diseases, habits, socio demographic factors

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