Awareness of Specific Health Protective Measures among Antenatal Mothers Attending a Community Health Center in Urban Bengaluru

Jayanthi Srikanth, Deepthi Nagaraj, P S Karishma, K Saranya, Pramukh Arun Kumar, Mahati Dasari


Background: Pregnancy and child birth are normal physiological events and women are especially vulnerable during this process. Specific health protective measures in pregnancy when followed properly, can reduce maternal morbidity and mortality to a significant extent. As there were limited studies assessing the awareness of all the specific health protective measures in pregnancy in Urban Bengaluru, the present study was undertaken with an aim of assessing the awareness of specific health protective measures among antenatal women. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted in a Community Health Center in Bengaluru Urban district. A total of 121 pregnant women were interviewed after obtaining written informed consent using a structured questionnaire. Statistical analysis of data was done using means, percentages, and Chi-square tests. Results: About 41.3% belonged to Class 3 Socioeconomic status. The overall awareness about specific health protective measures was 29.64% which was inadequate. About 3.3% knew all the answers and 31.04% knew none of the answers. About 6% women were aware about folic acid supplementation in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. The awareness of importance of adequate nutrition was good among 80% women. Conclusion: The awareness of specific health protective measures among the study subjects was 29.64%. Increasing awareness by health education paves way for better pregnancy outcomes.

Key words: Antenatal women, awareness, specific health protective measures

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