A Cross-sectional Study on Health Awareness among High School Students in Mukkam Municipality

K Hassan Koya, Anirudh V Mutalik, Bindu Mohandas, Durgesh Kumar, P K Sujesh


Background: Low awareness in health leads to its health related issues in adolescent age group. Health awareness is important
to create positive health well-being in children. Therefore, this study was conducted with the aim to assess the health awareness
among adolescent school children. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 278 high school
students using a self-designed structured questionnaire, which assessed health awareness related to information of health in
general, exercise, and nutrition; addictions, communicable diseases; non-communicable diseases; maternal and child health;
and personal hygiene and first aid. Data were entered into Microsoft Excel and were statistically analyzed using SPSS 16.
Results: A total of 278 students were studied from two high schools. Out of these, 62.9% were male and 37.1% were female
students. About 61.1% of the students had the opinion that Ayurveda is the best stream of medicine. About 42.9% of them
thought that it is important to go for health check-up at least once in a year even if they had not any illness. About 81.3% of the
students correctly said that skipping of meals is not good for health. About 12.9% of the students responded that malnutrition is
both undernutrition as well as over nutrition. About 62.9% of them had the knowledge that Aedes mosquito bite result in dengue
fever. About 87.4% said physical inactivity will lead to diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Conclusion: Students were having
only basic knowledge regarding various illnesses that emphasize the need of strengthening the health awareness among them.
Key words: Health, awareness, high school, students

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