Study of Prevalence and Risk factors of Cataract amongst Geriatric Population in Rural Field Practice Area of a Municipal Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sneha A Wasekar, Sujata R. Lavangare


Introduction: Cataract is the main cause of low vision and blindness in the world. Cataract refers to opacity in the crystalline lens which results in a degradation of visual function. Despite the existence of a network of eye hospitals distributed throughout the country, cataract is still the most important cause of blindness. Geriatric people will face more dependency after blindness from cataract. Hence, the present study was conducted to study the prevalence and risk factors of cataract among geriatric population in municipal tertiary care teaching hospital in Mumbai. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional community based study was carried out among 500 geriatric (>60 years) patients associated with cataract in rural field practice area of primary health center attached to municipal tertiary care teaching hospital in Mumbai during the period of August 2015July 2016. Data were entered into MS Excel sheet and analyzed using percentage and proportions whenever necessary. Results: Out of total 500 participants, 342 were detected with cataract; therefore, the prevalence of cataract including operated eyes was 68.4% and for un-operated cataract was 57.6%. The association with exposure to sunlight and prevalence of cataract was statistically significant. Diabetes and hypertension have also shown significant association with cataract. However, the association between alcohol and cataract was not significant. Conclusion: In the present study, prevalence of cataract including operated eyes was found to be 68.4% while prevalence of un-operated cataract was found to be 57.6%. Risk factors significantly associated with cataract were exposure to sunlight, duration of use of smokeless fuel, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, and family history of cataract.

Key words: Geriatric population, Prevalence, Cataract, Risk factors, Tertiary care hospital

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