A Study on Perceptions and Knowledge of Current Public Health Situation of India among Future Mid-level Health Providers Studying at Program Study Center in South Gujarat, India

Solanky Priti P, Shah Hitesh M, Kapadia Rachana G, Nayak Sunil N


Background: To achieve universal health coverage, concept of Health and Wellness Center (HWC) was given under Ayushman Bharat. For providing health-care services through HWC, cadre of Mid-Level Health Provider (MLHP) was introduced who would be leading primary health-care team at HWC. Objective: This study was undertaken with objective to assess baseline knowledge of course candidates for MLHP regarding current public health problems and to know their suggestions to address those health problems. Methodology: It was a cross-sectional study conducted among candidates of certificate course in community health at concerned Program Study Center through self-administered semi-structured performa. Results: The most common causes of mortality enumerated by the candidates were non-communicable diseases (NCD) (85%) such as cancer, other NCD like HT, DM, and road traffic accidents. Malnutrition (85%), communicable diseases such as diarrhea (30%), pneumonia (15%), and anemia (27.5%) were identified as common health problems among children and iron deficiency anemia (57.5%) as health problem among the females. Social factors such as low literacy, poverty, and changing lifestyle were identified as factors responsible for public health problems by 45% of the candidates. Almost three-fourth of the candidates responded that to address common public health problems, preventive, and promotive measures should be applied. Conclusion: Baseline knowledge of the candidates pertaining to public health situation of our country appeared to be in accordance with magnitude of public health problems. With proper capacity building through training these candidates can provide comprehensive primary healthcare in community effectively through HWC.

Key words: Mid-level health provider, Health and wellness center, Certificate course in community health

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