A Cross-sectional Study on Urban and Rural Difference of Knowledge and Attitude towards Family Planning Methods, Gadag, Karnataka

Jannatbi Iti, Roshan Mudaraddi


Introduction: In underdeveloped world, the rampant population growth has been viewed as the greatest obstacle to the economic as well as social advancement of the majority of people. For any women, reproductive choice is one of the rights, but still most of the women are ambivalent toward fertility desires and choice of contraception. In India, now family planning (FP) program has been merged with other programs. Because of this reason, our study finding helps in understanding about knowledge and attitude of the beneficiaries in our area and utilizes appropriately whatever limited and constrained resources available and help the national program in achieving its goals. Objective: The objective of the study was to know the urban and rural distribution of source of knowledge and availability of FP methods and attitude toward it. Materials and Methods: This is a community-based cross-sectional study done from March 27, 2017 to April 20, 2017 women of eligible reproductive age group (1549 years) from and urban areas of Gadag taluka with sample size of 560. Results: Whereas knowledge regarding natural methods was 35.4%, when it comes to terminal methods, tubectomy was highest when compared to vasectomy. When it comes to sources of information and availability, pharmacy was highest in case of urban area and health care facility in case of rural areas. Interestingly media provided some help with respect to information regarding contraceptive methods. Unfortunately, 19.8% did not know the source of information nor availability of contraceptive devices. When it comes to attitude, 83.4% felt that it was useful, and 97% told that they would encourage their friend to use it. Conclusion: Although government is promoting all FP methods, still knowledge regarding copper-T is highest and is popular among reproductive women. When it comes to terminal methods, tubectomy is popular compared to vasectomy.

Keywords: Knowledge, attitude, family planning

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