Depressive Disorders among People with Chronic Illness in an Urban Area of South India

V Raghuram, Narasimha N S Murthy


Background: Over the past decades, twin demographic and epidemiological transitions have been reflected an increase in the burden of chronic diseases. Although public health practitioners have recognized the increasing burden, the socioeconomic and overall health impact is to be adequately researched. Depressive disorders are considered an important correlate, for appropriate management of chronic disease but have been given relatively less importance. Hence, this study was taken up in an urban slum of Bengaluru city to explore the associations between depressive disorders and chronic diseases. Methodology: The cross-sectional community-based study was conducted in an urban slum of Bengaluru city using a modified cluster sampling technique. All persons who were ill or on long-term medication or were hospitalized for a period more than 3 weeks in the past 1 year were interviewed. A semi-structured pre-tested questionnaire incorporating Hamilton Depression Rating Scale was used. Results: He overall prevalence of chronic illness was 10% among the study population with 10.9% having mild depression, and 1.2% having mild-moderate depression, and none severe depression. None of them were taking any treatment for their depression. The mean age of those with mild depression was 53.9 years and was greater among females (males 5.0% and females 16.7%). The latter was highly statistically significant. Of the 91 persons with symptoms of mild depression, nearly two-thirds (58.2%) belonged to Class IV of Modified B G. Prasad’s classification. Factor analysis showed that HAM-D scores to have a significant relation with chronic illness. Discussion: Depressive disorders among those with chronic disorders are hitherto unrecognized in routine clinical practice. Middle ages, females and those lower down in the socioeconomic hierarchy are at greater risk. There is a need to establish a mechanism for appropriate management of these disorders.

Key words: Chronic illness, depressive disorders, urban area

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