An Entomological Survey as a Tool for Control of Dengue Vector during an Outbreak Situation

Fawwad Shaikh, Shobha Karikatti, Manjula S Patil, Praveena Gunagi, A B Halappanavar


Introduction Five dengue cases were reported in mid 2013 from an urban area, which were in excess compared to previous year (2012; 2 cases) during the same period and predicting a dengue outbreak an entomological investigation was carried out to assess the vector indices. Aims and objectives: To conduct an entomological survey on dengue vectors and to plan the control measures in an outbreak situation. Methodology: The larval survey was conducted in 200 houses; 50-100 on an average per locality, and the larvae of dengue vector were identified to analyze the various indices. Results: The various vector indices were derived; house index of 24% and breteau index of 44.6% were in excess of actual prescribed norms, which have possibly leaded to an outbreak.  Conclusion: Vector indices are important variables, which help in planning, management and control of an outbreak situation, to break the man, host chain and help in prevention of such excursions.

Key Words: Entomological survey, dengue vector, outbreak, vector indices, Global positioning system.

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