Measles- Rubella Campaign

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As part of WHO-SEAR resolution, India has resolved to eliminate Measles and control Rubella / CRS by the end of 2020.  

Measles is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. An estimated 49,200 children die from measles annually in India, which contributes 36% of death. Measles can be prevented by immunizing children with 2 doses of measles vaccine which is safe and effective.

Rubella is an infectious disease which is mild viral illness affecting both children and adults that can cause death and disabilities in the new born, if an unprotected pregnant women gets infected with Rubella virus in early pregnancy. Rubella virus has the potential to cause abortions, still births and severe birth defects known as CRS (Congenital Rubella Syndrome). This CRS is a huge burden to the society (Nearly 30,000 estimated CRS cases in the country per year).


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