Effectiveness of Health Education On Knowledge Regarding Personal Hygiene Among School Children in Rural Field Practice Area of Medical College

M N Damayanthi, S C Ranganatha


Background: Personal hygiene is maintaining the cleanliness of the body. Young school children should be thought about personal   hygiene which have an impact on their health. We intend to find the effectiveness of health education on the knowledge among the children regarding personal hygiene in rural field practice area of Medical College. Methodology: Study setting: Rural field practice area of Medical College, Bangalore. Study design: Interventional study. Study population: School children of primary and high school children: Study period: June 2015 - September 2015. Sampling Technique: Random selection of the school. Study participants: Govt primary and high school children and hence the complete enumeration was done for this study (N= 389). Study variables: Socio- demographic profile, questionnaire on knowledge regarding personal hygiene. Data collection: Self-administered questionnaire, after the questionnaire was collected, intervention was done i.e.; health education. Data analysis: Data collected was compiled in M S Excel worksheet and was analysed using SPSS V 20. Paired ‘t’ test and Mcnemar test was used to see the association between pre and post-test variables. Results: Before intervention 19.8%   had poor knowledge scoring, 26.7% had average knowledge scoring and 53.5% had good knowledge scoring while in the post intervention phase, poor   scoring was 5.4%, average scoring (29.5%) and good scoring (65%). Tooth brushing twice a day, hand washing before eating, cleaning of ears, nail biting, socks cleaning, eating in a clean place, washing after playing had a significant increase in knowledge after intervention. Conclusion: It can be concluded from this study that knowledge regarding personal hygiene have improved among the school children after health education intervention program. The increase in knowledge was statistically significant.

Key Words: Personal Hygiene, Intervention, Health Education, Pre –test and Post -test

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